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(TP-BATTMETER-24) BATTMETER Quick View Station Monitor.

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Quick Overview

Analog Voltmeter (30V) and Current Meter (+/-20A). DIN rail mounting


Remote Power Monitor


Analog Meters for Quick View of System Status
Ultra Low Self Power Consumption
Metal Housing
DIN Rail Mounting
For 12V and 24V systems
0-30VDC , +/- 20A Measurement Range

The TP-BATTMETER-24 is a simple very low cost meter system used for quickly assessing the battery charge status and charge rate on any 12V or 24V battery system. With just a glance a technician can determine if the battery is charging or discharging and the state of the batteries charge by observing the battery voltage. On solar systems he can see if the solar panels are charging the batteries and how fast based on the current reading. On wind powered systems she can see if the wind turbine is outputting sufficient power to charge the batteries. On vehicular applications, recreational vehicle applications and cabin applications the owner can quickly monitor the state of his auxiliary battery charge and how fast the battery is charging or discharging. This type of information is imperative to maintain a healthy battery system and extend the life of the batteries.

Because of its analog meter design there is virtually no extra power required to run the BATTMETER so it will not drain precious battery resources like some digital meters. The rugged metal enclosure comes with DIN Rail mounts for a particularly clean and easy install using DIN Rail mounting. The enclosure can also be wall mounted.

-40C to +85C Operation
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